Pressure Vapor Deposition (PVD)

We all know machines and their parts wear. More and more processes are brought to their knees by outages caused by wear of individual components. Wear protection is becoming increasingly important to keep production running and maintenance costs to a minimum. Thin layer, multilayer coatings have proved themselves in all applications. What we know that these coatings – PVD (Pressure Vapor Deposition) coatings:

  • extremely hard
  • self harden to provide sliding protection
  • increase tool and component life
  • decrease pressures used in production
  • they lower machine operating temperatures
PVD Coating Machine

These coatings are extremely thin and do not alter the dimensions of the part as they become part of the crystalline structure of the base material. They also add a cosmetic plus to the parts, which when worn away tells the operator it is time to take the tool or part out for recoating. The PVD process is environmentally clean and will not change the properties of the substrate. We use the evaporation by arc process. In this process the material being deposited is evaporated by striking an arc on its surface whereby the vapor particles are accelerated towards the component being coated and drawn to it via a bias current supplied to the component. High energy levels create a plasma cloud allowing the particles to penetrate into the grains of the substrate metal.

Arc running on a cathode. TiAlN Titanium Aluminum. Adding aluminum to the TiN mix increases hardness and oxidation stability of the coating, resulting in longer tool life especially cutting tools running at high speed. CrN Chromium Nitride has a lowstress structure which allows for thicker coatings which gives it better corrosion resistance than standard TiN. This coating is over twice as hard as standard hard chrome plating, self hardens and allows parts to slide freely on one another. TiCN Titanium Carbo Nitride give longer tool life, higher cutting speeds, have good adhesion and low coefficient of friction These are some of the standard coatings we apply. We have several proprietary multi layer coatings that have increased tool life up to 8 times over standard coatings. We would like to hear from you to discuss any special requirement you may have.

PVD Coating Machine

Standard Chamber Setup

Our quick setup and turn around and our willingness to develop and experiment with special coatings per your needs makes us an easy choice. Please give us a call to discuss.

Other Products

Eagan Technical Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of products that will meet your needs. We stand behind everything that we offer because all of our products are of the highest quality, which will ensure customer satisfaction.

Some of the products that we are currently offering include:

  • Rubber Molding
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  • PVD coating services