Services Offered


Eagan Technical Services, Inc. can bring any product to life through our assembly area. Specializing in labor-intensive technical assembly, we are able to manufacture and assemble "one-of-a kind" equipment and products. We work with plastics, metals, elastomers and composites. Our capabilities include assembly of electronic components, the mounting of electronic components to circuit boards, mechanical assembly and the testing of assembled products to specifications. We will work with you to obtain U.L. approval. Our size gives us flexibility to provide for special packaging and shipping needs, assuring a quick turnaround for custom projects.


On the Mechanical side, Eagan Technical Services, Inc. brings to the table a wide variety of skills and creative thinking developed over years of planning, nurturing and completing projects that our customers have dreamed of. We use our "artistic" thinking in providing innovative and surprising results for our customers. We make prototype tools in-house and use a modular approach in prototype building, which saves our customers money. We also consult with firms or handle the entire project.

Copier, Laser, High Speed Printer Rollers

Eagan Technical Services, Inc. provides a wide variety of services for our customers who use rollers of varying types in servicing electronic data processing, banking, and other equipment. We reverse engineer almost any style of roller to reduce the cost to our customer versus the original equipment manufacturer. Specializing in IBM mag rollers (3800, 3900, 4100 series) these rollers are often better than the originals. We also provide a rebuilding service to thoroughly refurbish copiers and high-speed laser and printer rollers. We work with a variety of coatings and internal components of these high-cost rollers. We do fuser rollers, backup rollers, magnetic toner feed rollers, feed, idler and print rollers. Please call us to help you with your roller needs.

Silicone and Rubber Molding

At Eagan Technical Services, Inc., we will take on your silicone and rubber specialty molding projects. We do precision work for medical, military, and industrial customers using state of the art materials including fluoropolymers. We also have developed a process to bond silicone to Teflon products such as DuPont Viton, as well as low-cost problem solving projects for lower tech products. We work directly with custom blenders of materials, as well as using off the shelf materials. You specify your products requirements, and we will select a material to fit your needs. We have taken on projects that other molding companies have turned down because of lack of volume, or their inability to make a product to the customer’s needs. We pride ourselves in having the expertise to make your product the way you need it.


A schematic diagram can be reverse engineered for circuitry currently undocumented or inadequately documented. Beginning with a visual inspection, we determine cost and approximate length of time to complete the drawing. Any technical information or data available will favorably influence both cost and lead-time. Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), we are able to re-engineer accurate, well laid out schematics for whole units, including power supplies, circuit boards and displays.

Reverse Engineering

Worn out or broken parts are often too expensive to replace, or are no longer available. A re-engineered part can actually cost less to manufacture than the original part and results in a more reliable, less expensive unit to maintain. All we need to start is a sample. A comprehensive evaluation is performed, determining material and labor required to complete the project. We carefully consider the options to determine which part or tool is best suited for your product.

Next, a drawing is generated and used in the design and fabrication of a prototype. The prototype is then tested, establishing a model for production.